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Traffic development: August 2023

FIR Prague and Prague Airport traffic development

Traffic development: July 2023

FIR Prague and Prague Airport traffic development

The first flight from České Budějovice

South Bohemia airport LKCS has launched international operations


Aeronautical Information Management

AIM Centre provides aeronautical information service for a purpose of ensuring the flow of information and data necessary for safety, regularity and efficiency of international and national air navigation within the area of its responsibility.

The provided data and information meets the quality requirements according to the valid legislation and is issued by means of the AIM products.

Unmanned Flying

Everything you need to know about the safe operation of drones and sharing of airspace with its other users.

Free Route Airspace

Free Route Airspace allows users to flexibly plan their routes. It also enables ANS CR to swiftly respond to changes in demand and hence maintain the attractiveness of the Czech airspace.

ATM Training

The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) is a modern fully-equipped ATM training institute with 30 years of industry and training experience. Our strong customer focus, multi-national team of qualified instructors, deep domain knowledge and friendly staff make CANI the training provider of choice for many Air Navigation Service Providers from Europe and beyond.

Flight Inspection Services

Through our modern flight fleet, we provide highly accurate and high-quality Flight Inspection Services for navigation ground equipment and procedures. On a customer basis, we have long successfully offered calibration flights and related services to customers from all over the world.

Czech Aviation Training Centre

Czech Aviation Training Center is the best choice for training professional pilots and flight personnel. At the same time, it offers training and requalification to individual applicants in the field of professional aviation. CATC offers all types of flight training at the highest quality.

Last but not least, CATC also thinks about the public, who can try a flight on a simulator, have teambuilding tailored to your requirements, or take part in an excursion at CATC.