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ATM Awards 2020

Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic was selected as the Runner-Up in the Environment, Research and Innovation category with the project „ATCO Fatigue Management“. The ATM Awards aim is to encourage pioneering concepts and acknowledge significant achievements in the performance areas of safety, on-time performance, cost efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Fatigue is something that can occur in all professions. However, in Air Traffic Control where a 24 hour service is required and safety must be maintained at all times, it is essential that air traffic controllers and air traffic engineers understand the potential risks of fatigue and know what they can do to manage these risks. Most air traffic controllers and many engineers work shifts and will already appreciate that aspects of shiftworking can increase fatigue risk. ATC requires consistently good human performance – for example, strong planning, good situation awareness, sound decisions, etc. As a controller or engineer becomes more fatigued, the risk that their performance will be impaired increases and ultimately fatigue can significantly compromise their ability to carry out their tasks safely.