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Press Release

The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) succeeded for the second consecutive time in a tender for provision of air traffic controller training for the Norwegian national air navigation service provider AVINOR. The initial contract with AVINOR was signed in 2018 framing a three year training cooperation plus a 1 + 1 year call option. This contractual option was then fully realized given the overall satisfaction of the Norwegian provider with the quality of training and services provided.

The next procurement process was launched in 2022 and attracted seven bidders with three training providers shortlisted by Avinor for the final negotiation round. Through its training provider CANI, ANS CR appeared among the frontrunners, mainly due to the positive reputation the company managed to build up with the Norwegian customer through past service delivery.

“I am glad that our Norwegian colleagues repeatedly selected our training center which has a long track record for being a strong and competitive provider of aviation training services. Among the key deciding factors our Norwegian partners cited was the very high quality of the training service provided, which by the same token represents a challenge for the years to come. Especially because in 2023 we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first air traffic controllers trained in our center.”, said the ANS CR Director General Jan Klas.

The new contract is in the format of a framework agreement where AVINOR will place service orders for initial training on an annual basis. Class sizes for each year shall range from ten to twenty students. Training is split into three parts. The initial basic phase is common for all students, who are then divided into rating groups depending on their future operational qualification. The first group of Norwegian air traffic control students under the new contract is scheduled to start training in Prague in September 2023.

Contact for more information :
Richard Klíma, Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic,
e-mail:, phone: +420 220 37 2093, 724 172 186,