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UAS Operations

“UAS Operations” (standing for Unmanned Aircraft Systems) cover the movement of aircraft of various types and sizes in the airspace of the Czech Republic without a pilot on board. For most of a wide array of these aircraft (such as multicopters, airplanes, helicopters, airships or model aircrafts), the term drone has become popular.

Similarly to road traffic rules, also in the airspace it is necessary to follow the rules of safe operation and thus to prevent any injuries or damages to property or traffic flow disruption. For this reason, Air Navigation Services of the CR, together with the Civil Aviation Authority of the CR and the Czech Ministry of Transport have launched a campaign called Fly Drones Responsibly with the aim to familiarise the public with the legislation applicable to drone operations in the Czech Republic.

The Czech airspace is divided into three areas:

  1. areas where the operations of UAS are allowed;
  2. areas where the operations of UAS are allowed under certain conditions;
  3. areas where the operations of UAS are strictly forbidden.

The traffic rules also depend on the type of UAS. Smart Dronald application allows drone pilot to know the rules for each flight a device.

To avoid flying in forbidden or otherwise restricted areas the DronView application is recommended for use by drone pilots during their pre-flight preparation.


Please, read the FAQ before contacting any of the Air Navigation Services offices. In case of planning drone operation close to airports please consult the decision tree diagrams.